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"Thanks for letting me serve you in the 16th District!


Please vote! RUNOFF ELECTION: Thursday September 12

The Time is Now


I serve on the Metro Council because I want to refocus our priorities and put community first. 

I believe that as we grow, we are lifted up when we support what we value:

our people, our diversity, and the independent small businesses that make our city great.   

A safe and healthy community is built on inclusion, racial equity and social justice.

If we invest in people and treat everyone with dignity and respect, our city, and our world would be a better place

I want to be your voice in making sure that as Nashville moves forward, we make decisions that support and

benefit the entire community, and we remain the unique, dynamic place we ALL call home. 

We're at a tipping point right now.   Let's make sure we tip in the right direction.

Nashville is the "it" city.

And "it" needs to work for everyone.

We can’t forget when we make decisions that they impact our everyday lives — in our neighborhoods, on our roads, in our schools, you name it.  I'm working to confront  the  problems rapid growth can create, making sure in the process that  ALL our citizens benefit, and no one is pushed out or left behind..

A community is like an ecosystem.  It can only thrive when all parts are healthy.

We've strayed a long way from the idea of community.   As we grow, we need to remember what makes a community, so new life blood and energy is incorporated and embraced.  When any part of our community is struggling, we all suffer. I want to make sure we prioritize the needs of our district big and small, 

so ALL of us can grow roots, and  thrive.  

Community is connection.  And it's always better when we work together.

When we work together, we can accomplish anything.  Good leaders listen, then find common ground and get the job done. No matter how big or small the issue, I am committed to unity: inviting everyone to the table to find viable solutions that best serve our community, ensuring that ALL voices are heard, and those most affected are actively involved.

2019 Candidate's Forum


Help make a difference

There are many ways to help Ginny push for change to make our district a better place.  Every effort helps.  Join the team!

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